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High Bridge Farm is a 14 Acre equine/livestock facility located in Manalapan Township on the border of Englishtown, NJ. The farm offers diverse services including breeding, horse boarding, training and riding lessons from their equine branch. In addition to the equine activities, they breed Dorper crossbreeds, producing lambs for  purchase by the public. Although not yet certified organic, farm protocol prohibits the use of any non organic  treatments to any of the pastures or orchards. The farm plans on eventual certification for the production of organic lamb. The farm is also home to free range Rhode Island Red chickens which produce large brown eggs, Leghorns which produce white eggs and occasional  cows and pigs which take temporary residence.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow 2009 was a busy year
We installed a solar system on our barn roof which powers about 1/2 the electricity we generate on the farm. We were also able to cut the electrcity we use by 25% just by performing our own energy audit. Our lambing season went smoothly and we sold out on lamb early, Two Bluefaced Leicester Rams were purchased to improve the wool production of our ewes and we look forward to the mix meat/hair sheep we will produce this spring. We produced naturally raised pork and aside from filling our freezer sold out for the season. Knowing the food we consume contains no antibiotics or hormones makes up for the hard work that goes into the production. Its January and we are still eating from the vegetable garden although there was little extra production for the farmers market this season. We also harvested pears and blueberries and almost had fresh strawberries. We discovered that the girls(our free range laying hens) love strawberries. For the horses we added a jump set to the arena and extened an overhang over one of the shedrows. Next years big project will be a windmill to provide the balance of our electricity.
7:00 pm est 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sheep shearing April 10th provided us with beautiful raw wool, offered for sale. Don't have a spinning wheel? Watch for our lessons in homesteading schedule and try your hand at the wheel!
12:05 pm edt 

High Bridge Farm strives to contribute postively to our environment and become a self sustaining homestead. All pastures, fruits, vegetables, and livestock are grown naturally without the use of hormones, antibiotics and chemical fertilizers. Growing a large portion of our food supply, providing solar for our electrical needs and utilizing wood - a renewable energy for heat are just some of the farms effort to create sustainable living. Being open to the public through our boarding, lessons, farm produce and livestock sales allows us to share this effort with others.

Raw Wool For Sale SOLD OUT Taking Orders for March delivery 2010
Lovely Grey Tones
Lovely Grey Tones
High Bridge Farm
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